Xiaomi Mi 10000 mAh Portable Charger

Xiaomi India Launches 10000 mAh Power Bank


Good news for guys who have been getting frustrated for waiting to get their luck flourishing in the flash sales. Xiaomi Mi has launched finally their 10000 mAh power bank in Inidia. Most surprisingly they have substituted their flagship model 10400 mAh with this model. That means you would be no longer able to get the 10400 mAh model from their official website. Inside news tells that Xiaomi has finally understand their loss of hold in the power bank market due to the unavailability of the 10400 mAh model for a long time, nearly over 1 year. By this time other brands, particularly Indian brands like Ambrane, Potronics have been consistently launching several top models in different segments with different capacity and have been grabbing their shares of the portable charger market.

Xiaomi Mi Launch 10000 mAh Power Bank


By the way, if the availability of the 10000 mAh power bank is considered as the up side , then the downside is definitely the price of the power bank which is made considerably higher than the 10400 mAh model, which is 1299 INR, 300 Rs more than 999 INR, the price of the flagship model.

Xiaomi Mi 10000 mAh Power Bank Charger Launch

Feature wise there is no new technological ruse made by Xiaomi, which might be disappointing the Mi lovers. Though the fact is, this model, this same 10000 mAh model has been launched in other countries like Singapore, Malaysia, China much ago.


Xiaomi Mi 10000 mAh Power Bank Launch

Appearance of this 10000 mAh power bank is much similar to the other variants of the Xiaomi Mi power banks, though it is much more compact than 10400 mAh model and is sleeker like what we get the 16000 mAh model. This 207 gms portable charger is backed up with single micro USB port which can make the power bank fully charged within 5 and a half hours with a standard 5 V 2.1 A adapter and can also support a single device to charge at a single point of time.

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Xiaomi Mi 10000 mAh Portable Charger

Presently there is no flash sale going on in Mi India website, where you can get only two of their models, namely newly launched 10000 mAh model and 20000 mAh model, which is priced at 2199 INR. So we can hope that the era of Mi flash sale has come to an end, particularly with the popularity of the Pokemon Go, and its making the use and sale of power banks an inevitability.

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