Top 3 Best Portable Power Banks from Anker

Anker is without any doubt, one of the best portable power bank brand in the world. This position of Anker has not popped without any effort. Continuously producing, marketing really best quality portable power banks have made them secure the position among all other competitor with ease. Thus we have decided to come up with the top portable chargers that are manufactured by Anker in this post.

  1. Anker 2nd Gen Astro Mini:

Anker Astro Mini portable power bank


This is the smallest member in the Astro family of Anker with the 3200 mAh power capacity within it. Though you may find the power retained within it not much, but if you are willing not to have a portable charger that occupies too much space, then this one is just for you, as this power bank simply gets into your hand without much trouble with its tiny dimension of .91inch X.91 inch X 3.74 inch.


Anker 2nd Gen Astro Mini Portable Power Bank- Best of Anker Power Banks

You can comfortably charge up with the help of this portable power bank one to 1.5 times your smartphone depending upon the in-built battery capacity of your cell phone.


Anker 2nd Gen Astro Mini Superior Quality - Best Anker Power Banks

In addition to the superb compact design, this model from Anker is constituted from inside with a couple of Li-ion LG battery cells. Again, the classy gloss finish in black texture from Anker has made the look of the portable battery pack much elegant. The only downside, if any, you can indicate about its output current rating, which is 1A standard output at 5V through its sole USB port.


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  1. Anker 2nd Generation Astro 6400 mAh model:

Anker 2nd Generation Astro 6400 mAh model - best of anker power banks

This one is superior than the previous model in terms of the capacity of the charger, which is 6400 mAh. This portable power bank from the look and feel perspective has much similarity with the PNY 10400 mAh power bank. There are classic 2A at 5V single output USB port through which you can charge literally anything, along with that Anker Astro 6400 is packed with the standard LEDs which are blinking for you, indicating the amount of electricity power left in the battery pack.


Anker 2nd Generation Astro 6400 mAh Power Bank model

This is the best power bank from Anker if you are not willing to go for too high capacity and at the same time not too low. With this you can charge up the iPhone 6 almost 2.5 times and your iPad air can be charged to almost 50% with its full charge.

Anker Astro 6400 mAh best portable power bank


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  1. Anker 2nd Generation Astro E3:


Anker 2nd Generation Astro E3 Portable Charger from Anker


Finally, we have moved towards the greater capacity portable chargers from Anker. This E3 model, elaborately known as Anker 2nd Gen Astro E3, comes up with a power of 10000 mAh capacity with it along with the normal dual USB. With one of the USB ports providing 1.1 A and other is rated with 2.1A. The later rating is made primarily for the usage of the tablet PCs than the smartphones.


Anker 2nd Generation Astro E3 Power Bank- Best from Anker

Also, Astro E3 comes with a technique called turbl charging, which operates at 3 Amps unlike other portable power banks and thus charges up the devices a bit faster.

Anker 2nd Generation Astro E3 Compact Portable Charger

Again this brilliant looking portable power bank can be charged up with normal adaptor within the time frame of 6 hours of time fully.

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