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How would you feel if your Smartphone battery suddenly drains out while you are playing Pokemon Go in the middle of the road? The next thing is, you have to go back home and put it to charging. Amidst all these, you are missing out something – the next generation of wireless power banks. The wireless charging technology has suddenly become a rage since we are constantly using our Smartphone and they need to remain charged to function.


Wireless Portable Charger

Though there have been a single thing with the wireless portable chargers, which made the popularity of the wireless chargers on a hold a bit, it is the lack of unity among the several standards of wireless technology that is used in the chargers. Though it has been a good amount of time, that has been past, still there are two major standards followed by the several wireless portable charger manufacturers namely Qi-compliant power bank and PMA- compliant portable chargers. But this divide in standards has not been able to stop people from using wireless technology and the crucial factor that you must keep in mind along with the major points is the compatibility issue, that is check the compatibility of the standard of the external battery pack with the model of smartphone that you are going to charge.

The next question which you might ask is which are the best wireless power banks? Let us do a brief review of the top 5 wireless chargers for your Smartphone.

  1. Choetech Iron Stand Wireless Charger

Choetech Iron Stand Wireless Charger


If you want to buy something catchy which you can flaunt in front of your friends, this one is ideal for you. The solid aluminum wireless charger even supports your phone from a fitting angle. It contains 3 coils with a Cable and an AC adaptor. The charger has rubber fitted at the bottom so that it doesn’t slip. It is compatible with any Qi supported phones. The LED screen is on the side and turns blue while charging and will flash if there is any problem. Overall, it is a good product if you want something within budget. Endure power bank is available on leading website amazon and ebay from there you can purchase on single click. You can also avail the extra discount by using coupon code from CouponzGuru.


Choetech Iron Stand Wireless Charger Power Bank


 2.  Nokia Portable Wireless Charging Plate Power Bank DC-50


Nokia Portable Wireless Charging Plate Power Bank DC-50


Good news for windows phone users. Especially the Nokia Lumia 920 onwards. Since Nokia has emerged with tying up with Qi standards in the compatible Lumia series smatphones, the portable charging plate DC-50 also comes with the same standard. The best part of this charging plate is the availability of its in different colors. Additionally, it is only 150 grams in weight.


Nokia Portable Wireless Charging Plate Power Bank DC-50 external charger


  1. ARK Wireless Portable Charger


ARK Wireless Portable Charger


This wireless charging hotspot comes with a backing from the brand Kickstarter. The speciality of this portable charger is it’s minimalistic look and having an appearance just like a micro Mac mini weighing only around 170 grams. Among the other cool features, this would let two smartphones charged simultaneously, further has decent LEDs depicting the charge juice left within the portable charger.


  1. Samsung Wireless Charging Pad


Samsung Wireless Charging Pad


The oval shaped charging pad from Samsung can quickly charge your phone fast. You can charge any of your Samsung phoneA incredibly fast with this wireless pad. It is capable of charging at 2A unlike the 1A charging you get from other power banks which means your phone is getting charged fast within a very small time. The pad is covered with rubber to prevent itself from cracking.


Samsung Wireless Charging Pad power bank


  1. PowerSquare Tango


PowerSquare Tango Wireless Portable Charger


With this wireless charger, you can charge two Smartphones simultaneously. There are three coils inside the charger. Moreover, it comes with a rubber caged frame which resists it from falling down. The white LED just in the middle lets you know that your phone is charging. This charging pad is compatible with any Qi-enabled phone. The power adapter that comes with the charger is quite large and can simultaneously charge your iPhone and Android with 1A power.

PowerSquare Tango


So, already made up your choice? Go and order it now and get charged up all the time while playing pokemon go.


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