Top 3 Best Car Charger Power Banks for iPhone

If you are possessing a four wheeler, then the best car charger power bank is a must have for you. Possibly you already have one before and have become disgusted with the poor performance of the tiny device or possibly have lost the confidence in such devices altogether, due to no performance at all.

But this is not the truth of the portable car charger, as there are too many options available in the online market with too many car chargers, and you had most possibly have picked up one of them and has gone through such miserable experience. Thus to assist you with the list of portable chargers, which are best in the market and are from the best brands around, this is the compilation of the car chargers.



  1. Amazon Basics:


amazon-basics-car-charger- Portable Power Banks

Amazon finally came up with the physical car charger, which at the same time impressive much and is a smart device backed with two 2.0 Amp USb slots. This tiny piece of charger can power up two devices simultaneously at the rate of 20 watts.

amazon-basics-car-charger-Power Banks

The greatest virtue, if you ask me, is so many standard features which is combined and in very tiny, compact space. The LED indicators as well present there in proper place to indicate the power flow and proper functioning of the charger.



As far as the compatibility aspect is concerned, the charger is having no issues at all with Apple iPhone, iPad, tablet PCs and android cell phones.

Amazon covers the basic coverage in terms of warranty for a duration of one year.

AmazonBasics-Micro-USB-Universal-Car-Charger-for-Android Smartphones

You can avail this nice product from Amazon of course at a cheap price of $7.99 right now.

Buy at Amazon - Best Power bank


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  1. Anker Power Drive 2:

Anker Power Drive Best Portable Car Charger

In any round up list of best power banks, Anker is the obvious brand name which you must see. It is obvious because Anker has been chosen by more than 1 million persons in USA, surely not without any reason. Here also in our portable car charger listing, Anker power driver is securing the second position with a combination of several fast charging technologies including voltageboost and PowerIQ altogether providing a power of 4.8 Amps with its two super-fast 2.4 Amps ports.

Anker Power Drive 2 best portable power bank

Another important aspect of this portable car charger power bank is that this one is one of the most compact and smallest portable car charger available.

Anker Power Drive 2.0 - Best Power Bank

The only downside of this power bank car charger is that, this does not support Qualcomm’s QC 2.0 or tye Google Nexus 5X.

Anker-PowerDrive-2-car-charger- Best Power bank


Since the pricing aspect is concerned, this one is also tagged with a price of $7.99 like that of the Amazon Basics and can be grabbed from the amazon right now.


Buy at Amazon - Best Power bank


  1. iXCC Car Charger with Dual USB:



iXCC, though not among to top notch brands for the stand alone power banks, but the portable power bank car charger with standard 12/24 Voltage power would be suitable in most of the cigarette-lighter socket in cars. The unique feature if you ask me about this portable power bank, the feather light weight might be pointed out which makes it most appropriate in terms of the portability.



Again this car charger comes with a total warranty period of 18 months, which is a bit longer than the usual.

Buy at Amazon - Best Power bank

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