Top 3 Best Power Banks for Gaming


Powerbanks are now necessary devices to carry around at all times. They became necessary due to powerful smartphones having a greater demand for power.


The days of robust block type mobile phones and their batteries lasting for a week without running out of charge have sadly gone. For the most part, modern day smartphones struggle to make it past 8-hours of charge. And if you constantly use it for gaming or browsing the Internet, chances are, the phone will only last for a couple of hours. If you also have these apps, according to Android Pit, your battery will run out of juice quickly.


Most games today are made with graphics that require high rendering. When high-resolution graphics need to be loaded every second in a game, the battery needs to give out a lot of power. In most cases, graphics-heavy RPGs such as the Final Fantasy games for mobile require lots of energy since a multitude of actions are happening in the background at the same time. The same is true for casual games that use high-resolution images in each frame. Casual games such as Monopoly: Big Event, which is hosted on the gaming and slots section of Gala Bingo, may look like it doesn’t render a lot of animations given the fact it’s a casual game, but the reels that spin and the random generated numbers that run every time a player hits the spin button requires a lot of processing power. As such, even a game as simple as Monopoly requires a lot of energy simply because of the multitude of processes that happen in the background.


Thanks to powerbanks, people don’t need to be hunting for the nearest power point every other hour. If you like gaming on the go and are in dire need of a powerful, yet light, powerbank, here are some suggestions that should suit your needs.


Kmashi MP816 10000 mAh Battery Pack


Image Credit: Amazon


Kimashi’s MP816 is a good battery pack to carry around. Selling for approximately $13.99, this battery pack has 10,000 mAh of power that is capable of charging smartphones several times over. It is significantly cheaper than other power banks with similar power capacities, and it charges devices quickly.


Anker PowerCore 20100 mAh



Image Credit: Walmart


The PowerCore 20100 is one of Anker’s most formidable powerbanks. Although the PowerCore is a bit bulkier than the average powerbank, its capacity makes up for its appearance. A 20,100mAh powerbank will allow gamers to play on long flights without the hassles of recharging at a socket. Despite the fact that it is a bit heavy, it can still easily fit inside your pocket.


Crave Travel Pro 13000 mAh


Image Credit: Amazon


The Crave Travel Pro is a compact battery charger that is smaller than the average smartphone. It has 13,000 mAh, and is capable of charging 2 smartphones simultaneously. Its USB port allows it to be charged even if other devices are charging. It’s handy and powerful, making it perfect for gaming.

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