Storedot Portable Power Bank Charges your smartphone in just 30 seconds

Charge your Smartphone in Blink of the Eyes with Storedot Power Bank

Portable power bank manufacturers are trying always their level best to improve their technologies, in order to make their models more efficient in terms of charging time, charging manner and more convenience. Among all these aspects, saving time has become the most crucial nowadays as too many tries are going on starting from Qualcomm’s standard to iTron’s DUBI 1.0 to make the smartphones charge as fast as possible.



With this background the Israel based startup StoreDot has come up with the concept of the enhancement of Li-ion which would make the smartphones charge much faster than the present situation of charging with the majority of portable charger brands, likely, almost 20 times faster than the usual speed with which the portable power banks nowadays charge up the smartphones.


Not only that, as per the company reported to CNN money, the portable power bank designed would be able to power up iPhone, iPads, wearable smart devices along with the smartphones.

Storedot Portable super fast charging power Bank


There are several designs of this portable power bank starting from the X20 model, whose name has come from the matter that the power bank can charge up 20 times faster in comparison of the other portable power banks. More importantly, this portable charger has only a compact design which can be shoved inside the pocket easily to get outside with the portable charger. Along with that, the portable charger has come up with the universal type C USB connector.


Storedot Portable Power Bank Charges your smartphone in just 30 seconds

Though the designs and the final product availability is still not realized commercially as the product is yet to launch. But from the official announcement from the CEO of the startup, they have already raised and utilized a considerable amount of money which is $66 million. So from the volume and the cost involved in the project, it is assumed that the final individual portable power bank would be a bit costly. But everything is still in the speculative about the final product. So, we need to wait until the most talked about power bank comes out after official launch for public, to have more specific details about this incredible portable power bank.

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