itron-portable power bank

This 9000 mAh Power Bank from Simpiz iTron Can Charge Your Smartphone in Just 18 Minutes!

itron portable power bank

Technical advancement has saved from the trouble of running out of the power of the smartphones in our crucial times when we need our smartphones the most. But we all know that all the best portable chargers take some considerable time to charge up fully the cell phones. But, only a duration of 18 minutes to charge up the smartphone with power bank completely is really seem as a miracle when the same if could have been achieved with the wall charger, possibly could have been a big achievement otherwise.



But all these speculations have turned up as the reality from the domain of the speculation from the portable charger manufacturer Simpiz with their DUBI 1.0 technology in the iTron 9000 mAh power bank. This DUBI 1.0 is basically the technology to charge up utilizing the four channeled super-fast electricity flow via which such a quick charge has become possible.


Simpiz itron portable charger can charge up in just 18 minutes

Possibly you have heard of the fast charging standards from Qualcomm’s 2.0, 3.0 standards which are mostly adapted by several battery pack manufacturers and this DUBI 1.0 technology, with the incorporation in the iTron 9000 mAh external power pack supply, is arguably proclaimed as the power bank with the ability to charge up in fastest manner in world challenging the most of the other existing standards.

itron-portable power bank


Most importantly this juice to power up the smartphone in 18 minutes comes in the power bank only with the charge of 3 minutes. That means literally when the portable power bank and your smartphone both are out of power, you need only 21 minutes to charge up your smartphone fully with the power bank altogether.


iTron Portable Charger


This unique fast portable power bank from iTron comes with an associated charging dock and hub with which you can altogether charge 3 devices simultaneously while charging the portable power bank itself. There are two USB ports with 5V at 2A along with one standard Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. The smart charging facility has also been inculcated within the built of this model which will automatically make the portable charger detect the type of charging compatibility of the connected device and would be starting to charge on its own with the best possible charging option.


Itron fasest power bank



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