Scosche Magic Mount Power Bank for iPhone

Scosche MagicMount: The Sticky Power Bank for iPhone

What comes to your mind when you for the first time think about a portable power bank? Obviously some lumpy, bulky device, from which a long, messy power cable is extended and being connected to your cell phone! But to be honest here, portable chargers are not always like that! Even it can stick just to your smartphone and charge it up with a very short charging cable connecting from the power bank and the phone. This stunning feature is found in the Scosche MagicMount power bank from Scosche but this good news is dedicated to those readers who are having an iPhone with them because this portable charger is having compatibility with the iPhone, obviously it’s all versions.

Scosche Magic Mount Power Bank for iPhone

This cool portable charger comes with the capacity of 4000 mAh. And can charge up the iPhone 6S for twice completely and iPhone 6S Plus for once. Some of you might point such a low capacity to be not much worth mentioning or a pro for a portable power bank. But the those of you would be certainly missing the point that, with this flimsy battery pack, you are basically eliminating all possible headache that a portable power bank can pose by sticking itself to the back of your iPhone and making the combo altogether sort of a thick smartphone and extremely handy.


Scosche Magic Mount - Sticky Power Bank for iPhone


The portable power bank can also be used without attaching it to the iPhone but that is not advisable as the uniqueness of this portable power bank is hidden within the pad like surface of the battery pack, technically known as MagicPlate by the manufacturers. This plate rather the pad helps the power bank to stick with the back side of the iPhone.

This smart looking graspable portable charger, though not the best but obviously one of the best portable power banks for iPhone, comes with the lightening pins for faster charging and is available in rose, black, gold and silver color which you can grab right now from the official site of Scosche.

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