MyCharge HubPlus Portable Charger - Best short wire power bank

Review of MyCharge HubPlus 6000 mAh Power Bank Charger


MyCharge HubPlus Portable Charger - Best short wire power bank
We all know the mess that are needed to be tackled when we are to deal with the conventional best power bank charger with the long charging cable which are to be attached with the portable charger while doing the charging. Keeping this specific problem in mind, MyCharge has come up with their power bank model having in-built charging cable.


MyCharge HubPlus - Best short wire portable power bank


That means, particularly for such a portable charger, there is absolute no need of the concept of the output as well as the input USB port as the charging functionality (both for the battery pack and the other devices) is taken care of by the in-built cable. And this portable charger with such a feature makes you less tensed about the hazards of charging cable and frees you from carrying it with you all the time.


MyCharge HubPlus Portable Power Bank Review- Powerbanky

Exterior and Feelings:

HubPlus comes with an elegant aluminum brushed finish with a comfortable graspable casing which contains the battery within it, also having the wall prongs, which are left to charge the portable power bank without any help of the cable.

MyCharge HubPlus - Best short wire power bank


MyCharge HubPlus portable charger is basically constituted of a 6000 mAh battery cell and it is compatible well for both the tablet PC and smartphone having two types cable pins attached supporting normal mini-USB connectivity and iphone charger connectivity. The functionality of this power bank is much similar to that of the other normal power bank, but instead of putting a double ended mini-USB to USB cable, you should just put in any of the cables that pops out of the portable charger to the wall charger.


MyCharge HubPlus Portable Power Bank Image- Powerbanky


The only issue with this otherwise superb piece of battery pack, is that the length of the cable is a bit short. The manufacturers could have made it large for better convenience.

Special mention for Apple users:

Apple has come up with the lightening port which are incorporated with the devices of apple (iPhone 6/6S or iPad). The good news with this portable power bank is that, it supports the lightening port and thus, with this portable charger, you are going to be able to power up the apple devices smoothly.

Where from to buy:

You can buy HubPlus portable power bank from Amazon of course at $62.36, but you can also try out the official MyCharge shopping portal where it is available at $99 but at the cost of some extra bucks.


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Final Word:

With its two charging cable, you could be able to charge two devices, obviously one with its normal mini-USB cable and other with the lightening port at the same time. Though it is felt that more than one, of a certain kind of devices if could have been charged, then it could have been better.

To conclude, it could be said that, if you hate to carry the USB charging cable with you always along the portable battery pack, and you have preferably an android smartphone and an iPad, then this portable power bank is going to be more than perfect for you.


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