RAVPower Xtreme Capacity 18200 mAh Portable Charger Battery Pack

RAVPower Xtreme Capacity 18200 mAh Portable Charger Review

RAVPower Xtreme Capacity 18200 mAh Power Bank


  • Supercharge three different gadgets at the same time
  • iSmart technology underlines efficiency and safety
  • Quality lithium-ion cells


  • Might feel a little heavy
  • Difficult to carry along


RAVPower Xtreme 18200 mAh Portable Charger

power bank can become your best friend if you are the type who always stays connected to the real world as well as the cyber world via your smartphone mostly. Your smart phone is the entry to a new world. Additionally you are connected to social media networks, as well as your emails or calls. Sure, a little attention can prevent unexpected battery issues in the middle of the day. Having laid such pretext, this review is going to make you learned about the RAVPower Extreme Capacity 18200 mAh portable charger in details. The final decision about going for this one obviously remains in your hand, but I hardly doubt whether you would be able to opt out this splendid piece of portable charger.


RAVPower Xtreme Capacity 18200 mAh Portable Charger Battery Pack

But before going further, let me ask you what do you do if you travel a lot or you plan to go camping? This is when you can count on RAVPower Xtreme Capacity 18200mAh – one of the best selling power banks over the Internet.


RAVPower Xtreme Capacity 18200 mAh Portable Charger Review


RAVPower’s power bank is known for being among the front running products in this field. It comes with not less than 18200mAh of energy. What else can you ask for? It can recharge your smartphone multiple times, so you can benefit from signal and power in the wildest parts of the world too. Even the best part of this magnificent portable charger is that, it is so huge in capacity, that it can also charge a mini laptop or notebook. And this portable charger has been made with a real provision to charge laptops, but for that you are required to provide the appropriate adapters and connect it with the laptops right way.


RAVPower Xtreme Capacity 18200 mAh Portable Charger

You have the freedom to charge three devices at the same time with its three super charging ports with ablity 1A, 1.5A and 2.4A respectively. Pay attention to the specifications before plugging the smartphone in though.

Apart from being an explosive power in terms of the capacity, this battery bank comes with the patented iSmart technology. You might be thinking what the hell does it mean? Simple. You do not have to make any calculations or do the math when plugging the smartphone in. Instead, the charger will detect the smartphone type, then provide the maximum levels of current for a speedy recharge, but without exceeding the smartphone specifications and thus nit harming or posing any sort of damage to your beloved power bank due to over charging.

RAVPower Xtreme Capacity 18200 mAh Portable Charger Power Bank


The battery bank comes with an LCD status display as well. It practically tells you how much battery you got left through the digital display. As if this technology would not be enough, the superior engineering leaves no room for misinterpretations. You have top-notch lithium-ion cells and a durable shell casing. The gadget is safe and looks good, so it should not get missed from your luggage.



To bring up the conclusion, RAVPower Xtreme Capacity 18200mAh is ideal for camping enthusiasts and travelers. Furthermore, it is just as handy for those who need an extra hand during the day, especially if their connections keep their smartphones active round the clock. Such a small gadget will prevent all kinds of unexpected situations and save you from getting annoyed due to shutdown of the smartphone in the middle of the road.


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