Pokeball Power Bank Charger

Pokeball Power Bank – the Best Gadget to Show off While Playing Pokemon Go

Pokeball Power Bank Charger

Pokemon Go, is the game about which one can show madness nowadays. But this highly popularized game is not only remaining confined within the limits of games. The craze of this game has touched a great number of smartphone users and relevantly we have witnessed a great increase in number of android phone users who have been interested to buy portable power banks only to ensure that they do not go out of power while they roam around and catch the Pokemons. In this post we have thought to come up with this extremely cool power bank designed and named after PokeBall.

Pokeball Power Bank


This Pokeball has not been yet marketed and branded by any big brands of portable charger manufacturers, yet, the manufacturer of this 5300 mAh power bank claims this one to be handmade and tailored personally and thus has a finer touch in its painting and look. Though the battery capacity being just above 5000 mAh, we may consider this model to be fine for the majority of the mostly used smartphones whose in-build battery capacity goes around 3000 mAh, and thus would be able to charge your smartphone once at least fully.

Pokeball Power Bank Portable Charger


Among the other virtue of this smart looking ball shaped battery charger is the current rating, which being 2.1 A, makes the portable charger suitable to get charged fast and also make your smartphone get charged fast provided, the model that you use has the fast charging ability within it. Also there you can get the glowing LEDs which are featured with almost all portable chargers to see the available power juice residue in the charger.


Pokeball Power Bank Charger External Battery Pack

But the down side of this trendy Pokeball is the size, which being a little bit bigger to put inside the pockets, you have to carry it with your hand all the time and personally I would have liked it to be a little smaller so that it could be conveniently carried along.


Pokeball Power Bank Charger Pack


Another drawback of this Pokeball power bank is the price, which is tagged around $40 at Amazon and Etsy, which is much higher than the normal, abundantly available 5000 mAh power banks. Regarding this price issue, the manufacturers have reasoned the price to be on the higher side for its not being get manufactured in totally automated manner. Though this great piece of power bank has been having a number of drawbacks as well as positive features the sale of this Pokeball portable charger is seeing hike day by day indicating the popularity of the gadget.

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