Photive 12000mAh Dual USB Power Bank Review

Photive 12000 mAh Dual USB Power Bank Review

Photive 12000mAh Dual USB Power Bank Image



  • Lightweight
  • Quick charging
  • High Capacity


  • No carrying case


Photive 12000mAh Dual USB Power Bank Review


High power and maximum portability are perhaps the most wanted features from any modern portable charger. Nowadays, anything above 12,000 mAh as the battery capacity is certainly considered more than sufficient. If you are looking for a portable device charger having more than this standard capacity without shelling out much money, the Photive 120000 mAh dual USB portable battery charger can be your best option.

Having two USB ports with optimal output for tablets and phones, the portable charger is almost a universal accessory. Its ultra capacity of 12000 mAh ensures that your gadgets last for days. Above all, the charger comes with some of the most useful components such as battery life indicator and an LED flashlight.




Photive 12000mAh Dual USB Power Bank Blue


This power bank is ideal for charging your tablets, smartphones, iPhones, iPads, PDA, eBooks, iPods, and any other USB-driven 5v devices. The unit is universally compatible with multiple devices, including digital cameras, Bluetooth headsets, portable gaming consoles, and GPS devices in case of a power emergency.


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Compact Size


Photive 12000mAh Dual USB Power Bank

With the size being no more than 3 inches wide and 4 inches tall, this charger fits nicely even in the palm apart from pocket, purse, and bag. Further, the weight also is not beyond 8 oz.

This means that the Photive 12000 mAh Dual USB portable battery charger is not only robust but also most compact and lightest unit of its kind. Moreover, even the battery type is of lithium-Poly, which adds to the lightweight factor.


Ultra High Capacity


Photive 12000mAh Dual USB Power Bank Small



The 12000 mAh of power unit really does wonders for travelers. The unit can charge a Galaxy S5 four times and an iPhone almost six times. You can easily charge Samsung Galaxy S3 from 15% to 100%, iPad 2 from 20% to 100%, and Ricoh wg4 from 0% to 100%, of which any two shall take just about two hours.

Even after charging HTC HD2 for almost four days, the charger remained at 75% (3 LEDs) power.



Two USB Outputs


Photive 12000mAh Dual USB Power Bank Ports


Two USB ports allow charging two gadgets at a time. One of them has 1.3A output, while the other has 2.1A output for quickly charging all the devices. The blue port has dual lightning signs, whereas the black one has a single one. Nevertheless, both are intelligent ports having a total current of 3.1A, although the brand marks it as 3.4A.


Smart Safety Features

Photive 12000mAh Dual USB Power Bank Blue 2

The charger features with soft rubberized finish that encompasses an LED flashlight along with the LED display bar. Similarly, the interior has a few useful smart circuitry for protection against over current and short circuit.




Consider the Photive 12000 mAh dual USB portable battery charger if you are more likely to use Apple and Samsung products on the move.



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