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How to buy Original Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Lower than MRP [Without Mi Flash Sale]

Xiaomi Mi power banks are definitely the best power banks over online that you can buy now. But if you could not grab the highest capacity portable charger from Mi, the 16000 mAh one (It is better to say the second largest capacity power bank when Mi India has just launched their 20000 mAh variant) even till now, and you are waiting for the next Mi flash sale to snatch the power bank, then this post is just perfect for you. Though be assured here you will get the secret about how you can buy the 100% original Xiaomi power bank, not any fake Mi power bank.


MI 16000 mAh Power bank Mi Flash Sale


Xiaomi Mi 16000 mAh portable charger, since its launch at May of 2015, had taken so much attention among the gadget lovers not only for its extraordinary capacity packed within a compact size but also its reasonable price of only 1399 INR. But the scarcity of the power bank, in terms of availability in sale has always been a pain to the Mi lovers, obviously who else can understand this better than you. Since its launch, it has gone so far with two Mi flash sales, commencing the initial launching sale on the second week of June followed by the second sale on September 2015. But the demand still at its surge, as it could be found with the indication of too many fake or counterfeit models resembling to Mi 16000 mAh in the online market particularly in India which are mostly backed by the manufacturers from China.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Flash Sale


It is always recommended not to go for those cheap counterfeit powerbanks not only because they can damage your smartphone but also it can damage you, in person. So better refrain yourself from the temptation to go for those portable chargers rather just follow the following steps to get to know how you can grab your original Xiaomi Mi16000 mAh power bank even lower than the MRP (yes, you read it right, even less than 1399 INR, the listed price).


All Variant of Mi power banks

But before getting into directly the details, lets answer one of your plausible questions that when Mi India has ceased selling powerbanks all of its variant (5000 mAh, 10400 mAh and 16000 mAh) literally, through its portal and even through any third party retailer, then how you can manage to get some genuine model from them. It is simple that all what you would get is the imported model, manufactured in china. Now please do not frown as Xiaomi is a company based on China itself! So no big deal, what it matters is whether it is original or not, whose proof I am going to provide you shortly and till then read on.



Head up to your address bar and after entering to ebay.in search with the phrase ‘Original Xiaomi power bank 16000 mAh’. You can get some result as follows:

genuine Mi 16000 mAh Powerbank


Navigate to the right top corner and sort it by ‘Price + Shipping: lowest first’. Now you would be getting the list of powerbanks listed according to the ascending order of their price. You might be wondering what trick it involves as it is much easy and was requiring hardly anything to tell about. But to be honest, exactly this point is very crucial, that is selecting the proper power bank from the list. So let’s look closely and find what exactly the product page is filled with. We take the very first one here from the search result (In fact the I have bought from the very same seller in Ebay).

Genuine Mi flash sale. Get Original 16000 mAh Xiaomi power bank


Here, we are enough lucky to get a seller having 8552 feedbacks and that too with 96.8 % positivity! Great. Now just have a quick check with the followings that whether the description of the powerbank proclaims that it is 100 % genuine. Secondly whether it is having a new condition. You must probably be accustomed with these checking if you have some acquaintance with Ebay. Now comes to the price, and whatever be the price, here it is 1612 INR, you can get upto 300 INR off while purchasing for the first time with the Ebay. Bingo!We have got the Genuine Xiaomi Power Bank just at 1312 INR even lower than the MRP [1399 INR] when all others are not getting it even after waiting with those Mi flash sales!


Original Xiaomi Mi 16000 Power bank Mi Flash sale


So by now you have got the place from where to buy, but still you may think whether the power bank you are going to buy is original or not. To be saved from such a dilemma, it was required to check whether the description in product page clearly mentions ‘100% Original Xiaomi Power Bank’, this will ensure that if (chances are pretty much low) some dispute arises, you will get a full refund from Ebay by their Ebay guarantee. Now, That’s not all, to further ensure the genuineness, you should always go for a trusted seller (better if you see ‘Top Rated Seller’ in the seller’s description).

Xiaomi Mi Original Power Banks

Now, comes the final proof of how I could manage to get to know the model that I bought, even after not going via Mi flash sale, that it was genuine. After you receive the power bank, you will get an anti fake label, by scratching which, you can have a very unique 20 digit serial number associated to your original xiaomi power bank. Head back to this site, and enter the 20 digit code.  Now, not only the result of the search must say that the product is an original one, but it should also say that this 20 digit code is searched for the very first time. These to double checks will make certain that the power bank in your hand is absolutely Original Xiaomi Mi power bank.

Obviously, this whole process will perfectly work for 5000 mAh, 10400 mAh and even 20000 mAh power bank just replace the search phrase at while searching at Ebay.






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