Limefuel 24000 mAh USB External Battery Charger Image

Limefuel 24000 mAh USB External Battery Charger Review

Limefuel is newly developed company having its base in Colorado and their dedication is to develop and make available new smart phone technologies to market. Their focus is to provide modern and stylish products matching today’s way of living by using boundary repelling technology. In order to facilitate the process of customer satisfaction and to fulfill their diversified demands, Limefuel has developed a broad range of external charging batteries including rugged, blast, air and lite with different charging capacities and number of charging slots.

Limefuel 24000 mAh USB External Battery Charger


The specific voltage range of Blast batteries ranges from 6000 mAh to 24000 mAh showing that White Limefuel Blast L240X in the biggest giant of this group. When you look for the best and optimal choice in any item, the hardest part is its selection that can be simplified if you completely know about product features in order to make comparison with similar products. This matter can be solved either by reading a complete review of that product or by consulting with its dealer, manufacturer or user. In case of external battery pack 24000 mAh, this problem is simply sorted out if you read my review about it. I have listed key features of this model along with some features that are absent in this charging device.

Limefuel 24000 mAh USB External Battery Charger Branded Portable Charger Review

Unique Structure Design

Limefuel Blast L240X having white color of its outer body structure looks like a finished and glossy product. The reason for its shinning and attractive surface is that its finishing is done by UV rays.

Built in Flash Light

This modern device is also very helpful in searching, emergency and safety issues as Limefuel has introduced a built in flash light in top front side in order to make it perfect portable product.

Limefuel 24000 mAh USB External Battery Charger Picture


Huge Battery Capacity

This portable charger can resolve your tension of battery charging for more than one week due to its huge battery capacity of 24000 mAh; it is best option for holiday trips, outdoor activities and especially for emergency kits for disasters. You can rely on this portable charge without any worry in your mind as it is optimal reliable portable cellphone charger due to it’s larger battery storage.

Limefuel 24000 mAh USB External Battery Charger Image


Compact Size

This charger made by Limefuel is an awesome choice when you talk about portability. Inevitably, its size is only 6.1 x 3.1 x 0.9 inches and weight of 17.8 ounces. It can easily be placed in smart bags, lady’s purse and also at backpack. Further more; its attractive color features make it perfect choice for parties and ceremonies.

Two Universal Charging USB Ports

This remarkable portable charger of Limefuel company not only have gigantic battery power of 24000mAh but also contains two unusual charging slots which increase its portability and reliability as two devices like iPhone, Samsung smartphones and tablets etc. can be charged at the same time. Interestingly, these intelligent USB ports can charge all devices with full charging speed. Each USB port has charging output power of 5V/2.4A but the overall output by combining the power of two ports is 5V/4.2A.

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Limefuel 24000 mAh USB External Battery Charger Ports


Automatic On and Off Setting

This model of large portability also provides an extra feature of automatic on and off technology which refers to its production from battery cells of Grade A and efficient prevention form discharging, over current, explosion and short circuits.

Distinctive Package Contents

When you will buy battery pack 24000 mAh 5V/4.2A, then a twelve month warranty card, two in one micro USB along with adapter cable for Apple having thirty pins and one 24000 mAh external battery would be provided by manufacturer in a decent packaging.

Limefuel 24000 mAh USB External Battery Charger Power Bank


Four LEDs as Charging Indicators

Four light emitting diodes are designed well in this model for the indication process of charging showing the efficient process of charging.

One shortcoming

In my opinion, this device has only one missing feature that is no built in charging cables and mobile user will have to take extra charging cables along with charger.

Final Views

I am fully satisfied with this model of Limefuel due to its huge battery capacity, unique structure, and two charging ports and built in flash light. Specifically its hardly finishing battery power makes it optimal choice of portable cellphone charger with the unique availability of two devices charging facility. This model is very popular due to its full charging speed which is not in generally offered in most of the best portable battery chargers.


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