KFC Inida Portable Power bank What a Box

KFC India Offering 6100 mAh Power Bank Free With Their Five-in-One Meal ‘Watt A Box’



In recent past we have seen Pizzahat to make their boxes in the shape of a disposable projector, Mcdonald’s giving away the VR, with their special boxes and in that row, KFC India has turned up with the with the decision to freely provide one 6100 mAh portable power bank along with their special meal box named as ‘Watt A Box’. You might be thinking that such a box would cost you much, but astonishingly this special meal is available at just a cost of 150 INR ($2.2 approx). And as you might be expecting, there is a ‘But’ as the charger is not available for regular counter sales (Only available for lucky fans of KFC India, who would be participating and thereby be chosen through the KFC India facebook page contest, where you need to tag your friends up). Moreover, presently this offer is available in the selected outlets of KFC India in the cities of Delhi and Mumbai, those who are from the other cities, keep the hope that the offer would be turning up in all the KFC outlets soon.


What a Box KFC Power bank


Though, everything appears to be much good about this smart move from KFC India, yet there is some down-part about this, as the functionality of the portable charger is not up to the mark as it is reported by the availers of the offer as a portable battery pack of 6100 mAh capacity should be able to charge at least two moderately loaded smartphones with average of 2000 mAh at least twice, yet the power juice coming out from this freely offered portable charger is found in many users dis-satisfactorily low. The battery pack is coming from the manufacturers named as Blink Digital who are based on Mumbai and has got a recent tie up regarding this free portable charger give away.



But again, KFC not being a electronics gadget specialists, you ca not expect them to provide or offer best external chargers like Xiaomi or Anker. So, considering all the aspect, and specially that, if you go over the online market to buy a decent portable power bank of about 6000 mAh, then as well it would not fit under 150 INR. So, from that perspective in just $2.2, you are getting a meal box along with a portable charger which you can surely use further times.


KFC Inida Portable Power bank What a Box


But again, everyone being so much amazed with this crazy offer, are forgetting the main concern that has become serious in many cases with the unbranded and cheap portable power banks, as they have been consistently found to compromise the uncompromisable safety aspects. Thus to have the final word about the deal, it must be said that, though it is surely an amazing deal in appearance, but you do not know what you are getting and upon which you are relying when specially the power bank is so cheaply available and is given out as a free stuff.



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