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We all love infographics. It’s lot more easier and comforting to know something in visual medium rather than reading through a lot of texts. So with such a background, I have thought to come up with this infographic on how to buy best portable power bank, in other words a visual power bank buying guide through which you will get to know quickly the exact things what matters while going for a purchase of portable battery pack. Basically this guide would be second option to you, if either you have no will right now to go through this epic post which thoroughly describes the whole thing about buying a portable battery pack, or may be if you simply don’t want to. In any case, this power bank buying guide will surely save you from getting a wrong portable external battery and thus would rescue you from the chance of possible damage to your smartphone or tablet by leading you select the best power bank. So, what you are waiting for, go through it.




Additionally, the last point mentioned in this visual guide, which advises to be cautious about sellers and online stores from where to exactly buy the portable external battery, requires some special mention as there have been so many unfortunate instances for buying fake, counterfeit, cheap battery packs resulting not only damage of smartphones and tablets while trying to charge them with that, but also fatal accidents caused by catching the external battery pack with fire (Being built with battery cells power banks are prone to get exploded if not bundled with proper safety measures). Hence, keeping that in mind, I have prepared this post on where from to buy power banks online, which I would insist you to go through.

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Power bank buying guide- How to buy powerbank





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2 thoughts on “Power Bank Buying Guide [Infographic]

  • Bob Lowe

    Thanks for the post. This is really helpful. I agree that you need to know how many devises you plan on charging with the unit as well as the size. The last thing you want is so run out of power quicker than you expected. That can be a real bummer.