How to Differentiate/Identify Fake and Genuine(Original) Xiaomi Mi Power Bank?

Do you have a Mi portable charger? If yes, the second question that would come up is that, whether you have any certain idea about its genuineness? This second question is very much relevant as since the launch of the Xiaomi Mi portable power banks, their counterfeit models are also dominating along with them in the on-line market. Even Xiaomi officially has announced that they have lost a potential loss of around 10 million dollar business due to the vastness and pervasiveness of the counterfeit power bank models.


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So you might be questioning that what exactly is the problem if you already have a portable power bank from Xiaomi which is fake. Now, the fake portable power banks or genuine best power banks, whatever it be, power banks are basically there to charge up the smartphones efficiently and properly without damaging. But here lies the problem as the fake ones are frequently constituted with recycled battery cells and are not up to the mark in terms of performance, whereas, the original Xiaomi power banks are besides not being too much expensive, are much effective in terms of function. So, it is always better to go for the original Xiaomi power banks. Thus returning to the very first question, we need to find and differentiate between fake portable power banks and counterfeit Xiaomi power banks. SO, let us see what are those points by means of which we can spot a original one against a fake one.


  1. USB ports:

USB Port Xiaomi Mi Orginal Power Bank

For the micro USB port which is used to charge up the power bank itself, if examined closely in the case of the original Xiaomi power bank, it would be seen that the color of the interior part is white. Whereas in the case of the fake or counterfeit ones, the interior of the same portion is blackish in color.


  1. LED blinking of the Xiaomi Mi Power banks:

mi-power-bank-led-lights- differentiate fake and genuine


The LED which binks primarily with the aim to show up the available power juice in the portable power bank is much smaller and delicately emits light whereas in the case of the fake or counterfeit portable power bank from Xiaomi, you can get the LED bilking, scattering the light cheaply and the holes through which the LEDs are visible, turns to be bigger in comparison to the original ones.


  1. Normal USB Port:

Logo at USB Port - Xiaomi Mi Orginal Power Bank Fake vs Real


The chassis of the USB output port of the power bank, much like the first test, if examined closely, it would be found that there is a Xiaomi Mi logo, which is craved inside and no such logo incorporation could be found in any of the counterfeit model.


  1. Scratching out the 20 Digit code:

Sticker - Xiaomi Mi Orginal Power Bank- Counterfeit vs Original

Xiaomi to prevent and fighting out the fake products, have come up with a very innovative and effective strategy of online verification procedure. It is nothing but a 20 digit code, which is made available in form of a sticker and is to be scratched out and is unique for every Xiaomi power banks. So, when you get a genuine Xiaomi power bank, after scratching the 20 digit code, you are required to go to, and verify by entering the code. It should not only return as the response that the code entered by you corresponding to your best portable charger is valid but it should also say that the code is being checked for the very first time.


  1. The Logo Design

LogoTest - Xiaomi Mi Orginal Power Bank- Original Vs OEM Xiaomi Power Bank


The watermarking of the logo in the outer part of the aluminum casing of the Xiaomi power bank is another mark with which you can decide about your Xiaomi portable power bank. For the genuine Mi portable power bank, the logo printing of the ‘Mi’ is marked with an elegancy and could be felt the dark yet smooth texture of the printing, whereas in the case of the fake portable charger, the logo of ‘Mi’ is marked with a low quality ink which can be blurred easily.



  1. Reaction for Power Button Press:

Power Button Test- Fake Vs Genuine Test for Xiaomi Mi Power Bank


Though the essential function of the power button in the Xiaomi power bank and in any other power bank is to check the amount of power juice left in the portable power bank, yet this same power button can be used to test whether the power bank is fake or not. In the case of the portable charger which is original, when the power button would be pressed, the LED would go off momentarily and then again start to glow and indicate. But in the case of the fake or the counterfeit ones, such a provision is absent.


  1. Cable:

Cable test - Xiaomi Mi Original Power Bank 2


The charging cable, that is provided with the Mi power bank also has several indicating factors within itself. Firstly, the micro USB port in the fake one, in general possesses a white interior against the white part of the original ones. Again on the male USB pin side of the cable, for the original ones, no branding of ‘Mi’ is obtainable, whereas in the case of the fake ones, such a branding is found.


  1. Pass through Charging:

Pass through Charhing-Power bank buying guide


Pass through charging is a feature which is only available in the case of the original Xiaomi Mi power bank. Thus, if your supposedly Xiaomi power bank fails to support pass through charging, in that case, it is highly likely that the concerned power bank is a fake one.


  1. Interior Battery Cells:


Inside Battery Test- Original Vs Fake Xiaomi Mi Portable Power Bank


Interior of the battery is another indicator of the gentility of the Xiaomi Mi power banks. But if you really want to open up the casing of the power bank, do it safely. The Li-ion battery cells within the original Xiaomi Mi power bank is in general the LG or Samsung branded, whereas the case with the fake ones, you would be finding typical local made or recycled Li-ion cells which are in general pink in color.


10. Short Circuit Test:


Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Fake vs Real - Short Circuit Test


Short circuit mechanism is basically the standard safety measure which prevents a certain portable charger from its getting self charged, which would again lead it to discharge perpetually in vein. Xiaomi Mi, manufacturing some of the best portable power banks in the market, always incorporates the short circuit protections within them. Thus, you can always simply put the charging cable that comes with the power bank in a way that both of its USB ports (one standard USB and other being micro USB) are occupied with the two ends of the cable.

All Variant of Mi power banks

For the genuine portable power bank, it will never charge itself and hence you would never see any LED blinking but for the fake ones, due to lack of such a sophisticated safety measure would not be able to detect that it is trying to charge itself and you would see that the LED are blinking like what happens when you charge the battery pack with a wall charger normally.

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