Where From to buy powerbank online

Where from to buy power bank online?

The options to buy power banks today has become much huge with the vast availability of them in the popular e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. But all of them has too many portable chargers listed in their product catalogue and thus giving rise to the question of how to buy power bank online. To get to know about the features and characteristics of a battery pack that must be minded at the time of picking a power bank, you may look at this Infographic power bank buying guide. But here, we are going to discuss today something important as well besides putting emphasis on those features while choosing a portable charger, that is the task of choosing among the online sellers and compare them with their cost effectiveness and product diversity.


Where from you can buy the best power bank online


Prior to starting up, it is better to be clear about the obvious option of buying power bank from offline, i.e. the physical stores but that has the only drawback in terms of the price, that is you need to pay much whereas the chance of getting cheated is low and even if you get cheated by ending up purchasing a fake or counterfeit portable charger, there would be some option to get back to the seller and make the thing settled as per your convenience. But here, we are totally concentrating on the online purchase of power banks as the simple reason of better availability and reduced price.

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Searching for Cost Effectiveness

Firstly let’s mark up a popular power bank and here I have chosen the ambrane P-1310 , having 13000 mAh capacity and a MRP of 2499 INR. We are going to list up all the popular sellers and see who is selling it at what price today and see what it looks like.


Powerbank Name MRP Price at Amazon Price at Flipkart Price at Snapdeal Price at Infibeam Price at Paytm Price at Ebay Price at Shopclues
Ambrane P-1310 Powerbank 2499 979 999 1199 1172 1199 1149 999



p-1310-ambrane-13000-mah- Buy Power banks onlineAmbrane P1310 Power bank

So, what we found is that, Amazon turned out to be the lowest price provider for this model. Let’s repeat the comparison over another model to get some clearer idea, this time let’s pick up the popular Lenovo PA13000 Power bank with 13000 mAh capacity and an MRP of 4599 INR. The price comparison for this one looks like:

Powerbank Name MRP Price at Amazon Price at Flipkart Price at Snapdeal Price at Infibeam Price at Paytm Price at Ebay Price at Shopclues
Lenovo PA13000 Powerbank 4599 1829 1999 1759 Not Available 2408 1990 2499


Lenovo 13000mAh Power bank onlineLenovo PA13000 Power bank

And in this case, we found Snapdeal to be coming up with the lowest price of 1759 INR among all other options. Further going for another popular model Adata PT100 10000 mAh power bank, we get some different scenario than that of the previous results.


Powerbank Name MRP Price at Amazon Price at Flipkart Price at Snapdeal Price at Infibeam Price at Paytm Price at Ebay Price at Shopclues
Adata PT100 1000 mAh 2499 1189 1099 1152 Not Available 1120 1199 1299


buy adata pt100 power bank online   Adata PT100 10000 mAh power bank

Here we have Flipkart offering the lowest price of 1099 INR for this model particularly against Amazon and Snapdeal for the earlier model.

So by the price comparison of these three portable charger models, we came to the conclusion that, there is no such universal site from which you can buy a power bank at lowest possible price for that very model if lowest price is your goal. So there is no other option than hopping from sites to site and searching about the battery pack prices while you have such an agenda to buy a certain power bank at lowest price.


Product Diversity

But we have something more waiting here than just the power bank price comparison in this discussion and analysis about where from to buy power bank online, as we have thought to come up with the evaluation that which e-commerce site has how many power banks listed in their product catalog listing. This will help us to understand which site is authoritative in terms of the portable chargers. Now what that word authoritative means. It is nothing but an indication of which site lists lesser non reputed brand selling power banks. In other words, as for the portable charger, the more the number of brands, the less the percentage of genuine,reputed, well known brand of power banks in that site. And by knowing that, we would be able to come up to the conclusion to restrict ourselves in buying external battery packs from only reputed, well known brands obviously for the sake of safety and performance. So let’s get started one by one:



Number of online power banks listed in Amazon.in


As we can see here from the above snapshot, Amazon has altogether 17131 portable chargers listed in their product catalog under the section of power bank mobile accessories. Well, that’s too large.


 Number of best power banks listed online in Flipkart.com

With this, we have flipkart having almost 2k more power banks listed in their product catalogs with their 19519 power banks. That means Flipkart is having more cheap portable chargers listed than that of Amazon. Lets move to Snapdeal:




Number of best power banks listed in Snapdeal.com online

And for snapdeal, we have only 3354 Items listed under the category of power bank. That means there are lot less portable chargers from the cheaper brands available at Snapdeal than that of both Amazon and Flipkart both. To numerically figure out, snapdeal has only about 19.5% of the powerbanks listed in amazon and only 17% of the total available power banks in Flipkart.



Shoclues standing between Snapdeals and the other two giants Amazon and Flipkart in this statistics with its 5307 number of listed power banks which is basically still much lower.


Number of top 10 power banks listed in Shopclues.com




Number of online top power banks listed in Ebay.in


For Ebay, it is only 4928 powerbanks in comparison to the other figures that we have found for Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and Shopclues being the one having least number of power banks listed in their product list.

Wrapping it up

With these data in our hand, if we try to calculate in a simple way the plausible number of powerbanks that might be listed in an online site, we would get it nor more than 1500 power banks. Let’s say there are 150 brands selling powerbanks and each of them has in an average 10 portable charger models to offer and thus coming up to the number of 1500. But if we consider the case of Flipkart and amazon who are listing 19k and 17k power banks in their sites, it means even if we move the number of average powerbank models offered by each brands up to 15, the number of brands is still 1100+, which is utterly overwhelming and you can possibly now understand the necessity of sticking to the top reputed brands while choosing the best power banks because only 0.001% of the power banks listed in these popular e-commerce site is worth buying.


Hope I could spot the importance of sticking to the top brands of portable chargers while buying power bank online. Will love to listen from you what else you wanted to be included here just right below in the comment section.


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