How to Buy a Power Bank for VR (Virtual Reality)?

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VR AKA Virtual Reality is the latest craze in 2016. Though it was existent since a good amount of time but the buzz happened in this this year. In the field of gadget world, things happen just like this, and VR is not an exception. But guess what, VR, though nowadays being brought up by many famous brands, they are not able to save themselves from the curse of power hungriness, and there comes the utility of another gadget power bank, better known as external portable charger or external battery packs.

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Now we understand that power banks are simple, they store charges and all what we need is to check some points while buying it and that’s all, yes, that’s right and that is very true if you have already gone through epic buying guide about power banks for smart phones, but that is not the case with the VR. The reason is simple a smartphone and a VR have some basic different in the terms by which they function. So, there comes the difference in the way you should be taking care about the points while going to buy a power bank for VR.

The fundamental point about VR is that any portable charger would not be able to power up the virtual reality device until they meet some uncompromisable prerequisites.




  • It must be over 2A at 5V

The prime point about a power bank to become able to charge a VR is t1hat, it is required to be able to provide the power at the rate of 2.0 A at 5V. Now, as we know, most of the portable chargers, made for the smartphones, are having the output current rating measured as 1A, because that is the normal power drawing capacity of the typical smartphones. And here comes the difference, as if you simply just try to charge a VR with one of those power banks, the VR will not charge even for 1%.



Ambrane P 1500 15600 mAh Powerbank Best Power Bank



  • It should be consistent

The next point is the consistency. Consistency while providing power. Now this means that the power bank must be able to provide a power with a steady flow of 2A at 5V. Any fluctuation would not make the portable battery bank charge the VR. The main reason for mentioning this specifically is that, majority of the power banks which are built for smart phones, usually can provide 2.0 A at 5V for sure but when they have the power within them above a threshold limit (Say 75%). Below that, they continue to charge wither with 1.5 A at 5V or even 1A at 5V. Now this change does not affect the charging of a smartphone other than elongating the charging time, whereas in the case of VR, it would simply not get charged up.


Sony VR - Buying guide for power banks for VR


Let’s take an example to make things a little clearer. Say you have a Samsung power bank with 9000 mAh capacity and it can charge up both iPhone 6S and Gear VR until it has the power level of 25%, below that, the iPhone would keep on charging, but with the Gear VR, it simply throws an error and stops getting charged.


Gear VR - Virtual Reality Portable Charger


So, these were the factors that you are required to keep in mind. Now, if you wonder which power banks would fulfill all these, do not forget to check out the list of best power bank reviews, as well the best power banks for VR.

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