Why Best Power Banks from China fail to Charge Your Smart Phone?

It is worth caution as possibly what you have got in the post about how to buy a portable charger, where I had mentioned how much crucial it was to consider brands and not to get allured with the cheapness in terms of the price of the power bank. Here, in this post, you are going to witness some firsthand instances why I repeatedly mentioned those points and keep on putting emphasis over them.

Power Banks from China

Firstly let me tell you, if you are not much aware of this aspect rather trait of these so called super best power banks, which are sold over internet. It is really scary the way they pop on in front of your eyes when you hit the search button in any of the e-commerce site. And hilariously enough some of them just claim themselves to be 16000 mA, 20000 mAh even more! And that too with a little price tag beside them.

Best power banks from China filled with sand

One of the Taiwan guys had managed to buy recently a portable charger, with just similar status, Like with no brand on them and that too with much low price than the standard price that is going over. And no need to mention, it looked all great from outside and it proclaimed to have a capacity of 24000 mAh. Okay, that definitely means at least it would comfortably charger a smartphone having a tiny 2500 mAh Li-ion battery! But it failed. It does not even charge the phone for a single instant of time. So, when he angrily opened up the whole damn thing, it looked like this.


Fake Power Bank from China - Portable charger filled with sand


There was hardly any doubt that it was a fake one. And And moreover that, the Battery cells, if you see those torn up things right beside the PCB, is possibly not even having the power of 2400 mAh. Not only that, note that the cells which are there, laying side by side are all having different colors. Which is exactly against the conventions. All the battery cells with in a single batch is supposed to have same color, indicating similarity not only in capacity but also in make and built. But these are different because they all are collected and recycled from some already exhausted electronic device.

Fake portable charger made up with recycled battery cells

In addition to that, if you pay some closure attention, you would be getting the fact that the shouldering joints of the pack is just rusted all over and some sign of the leftover gum which was used to make them stick together. It seems just astonishing how from the same country (China), Xiaomi has come up with their super-efficient and really cost effective battery packs.

Best Power Banks! From all the way of China

To make the things even better, you can find just another piece of brand new huge capacity best battery pack from Chinese makers and it hardly left anything to say, as you will just get to understand the whole story of why it is incapable of charging. Yes, it is filled with tiny sand bags instead of power battery cells.

Portable battery packs from china

Portable chargers filled with sand from inside



So, after getting those fake power banks and peeping through their bellies, you might be wondering that now how does the real, branded portable charger looks like from inside! So, here we go:



Portable chargers from China


Power Banks From China the best portable battery packs look like this


Real best portable chargers


Real Best Power Banks from China


Hence, the bottom line goes like, both the fake one and the best ones are simultaneously made by the manufacturers from China (remember the Mi power banks). It is up to you, that which power bank you are going to buy, and to help you out, I have short listed this top 10 power banks available online, check them out.



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