Laptop power banks suitable for smatphone tablet

Top 3 Best Power Bank for Laptop (With Review)

Laptop power banks suitable for smatphone tablet


We all are much familiar with power banks by now particularly you are surely have known a lot about portable chargers after going through the epic guide on how to buy power bank for smartphones. Majorly we have the impression in our mind that a power bank is to charge up rather power up the tablet PCs or the smartphones, but do you have ever thought about a power bank for laptop, that cane easily power up your whole notebook? If not, then time have come to think about it. Why? because nowadays devices irrespective of their nature are becoming much and much power consumptive, starting from the smartphones, tablets and laptop is also there in the list. The best part of the portable chargers for laptops? Guess what, it can easily power up your other devices like smart phones, tablets, kindles, iPads at the same time while charging your laptop.



But there are certain things that are different when you are going to buy a power bank for laptop than for a smart phone or other smaller devices. The major concern here comes to be the output DC voltage. Output DC voltage matters and it is required to be checked thoroughly with the power adapter of your laptop charger before zeroing on any of the power banks.

Udoli-20000mah-5V-9V-12V-19V-Mobile-Powerful-Portable-Laptop-Power-Bank-External-Battery-for-APPLE external battery for laptop notebook


Also the socket provided by the external charger is important as the socket must be matching with the one that you use to charge up your laptop, and this plays a vital role, otherwise you would just not be able to charge with some portable external charger having nonmatching output sockets.


So let’s start analyzing the best options for power banks that we have when the point comes to laptops:


  1. Coosh 20,000mAh Power Bank for Notebook Laptops:


Coosh 20000 mAh external Battery pack for Laptops


One of the best power banks available at online with a huge capacity of 20000 mAh and having a stunning metal finish sturdy look available in black color with attached LED indicator. The only disadvantage, if any for this huge portable charger is the lack of display unit which would have indicated the residue power in the charger.


But the best feature for this one is the availability of both universal as well the USB ports with which you can smoothly power up all your smartphones along with the laptop.



Coosh 20,000m

It is presently available at amazon with the price of $66.95


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  1. Anker 2nd Gen Astro Pro2 20,000mAh Power Bank:

Anker Power bank for Laptop


Anker has done a brilliant job with the first generation portable chargers belonging to the series of Anker Pro, and the 2nd generations are not as well that bad in comparison. Specially this aluminum cased power monster can charger with its 3 USB output ports all your mini devices and with its DC 9/12 V, it can smoothly keep your laptop alive.

Anker Portable charger for laptop and smart phones




Presently available from Amazon at a cost of $165

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  1. XTPower 31000 MAh External Power Bank

XTpower 310000 mAh power bank charger for laptop


XTPower has done a tremendous job with their 31000 mAh power bank external battery, which can easily charge your laptop or notebook more than one time. Also with its 2 USB ports, you can always remain tension less about your android smartphone or iPhone. The greatest feature of this power beast is the range of power outputs that it supports, like 9V, 12V, 16V, 19V and 20V at the maximum rate of 80W. Additionally the superb display unit made the task of knowing the residual charge much easier.


XTpower 310000 mAh external battery for laptops

You can grab one of these super power full external portable charger AKA power bank from Amazon at the cost of $119.90 right now.

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If you have not got a battery pack charger for smartphones yet, or you are still looking for some power bank for the smartphones then don’t forget to visit the home page about best portable chargers.




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