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The Ultimate Power Bank FAQ

Though there have been lot of reviews and discussions over the portable power banks are available in most of the online resources but here we are going to find some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about portable power banks addressing all the common issues related to the power bank.


Power Bank FAQ Introduction

  1. How do I know which power bank is the best option for my power bank?

There are primarily many aspects which may be determinant while you are going to buy the portable battery and making it suitable for the smartphone that you use to ensure that you pick the best portable power bank. Firstly, comes the point of the capacity. The capacity must be enough to charge your smartphone of choice the desired amount of time. Next comes the concern about the portability. The battery pack primarily being the portable device and majorly used outside the home on-the-go, it is required to have a convenient size so that could be managed easily. Nest comes the number of USB ports, which would let you charge multiple devices on one go with its provision.




How to Choose the Portable Charger

  1. What is Li-ion and Li-poly battery?

These two are the component battery cells which are used to compose a battery pack. Li-ion is a little old generation with the technical name of 18650 cells, which are still used in the portable chargers popularly. It is cheaper and having higher energy density in comparison to the other variant Li-poly. Whereas the Li-poly is the power bank that are newer generation battery cells in general sleeker than the Li-ion. Li-ion is obviously higher in term of the quality and safer to use. But they are usually high priced than the Li-ion battery packs.


  1. What is the charging cable component?Power bank Charging Cable - Portable Power bank FAQ

It can be a great difference with using the right and the wrong cable component usage with the power bank in terms of the performance of the power bank. For the portable power bank with 1000 mAh output, a cable with rating 500 mAh can considerably reduce the performance of the charger where the portable power bank could have performed well if the right kind that means the cable component with the rating of 1000 mAh have been used.


  1. Can portable power banks be allowed to be taken inside the flight?Power Bank in Airplane flight- Power Bank FAQ


It precisely depends on which airport you are referring to. If it is India, portable chargers are allowed to be taken along with your other electronic devices.





  1. What adapter one must be using to charge up?Power bank Charging Adaptor

In general, there some adaptor comes up with the power bank at least if there is no adaptor along with the portable chargers, then there would be some specific instruction in the manual that what kind of adaptors with what detailed specifications must be used to charge up the power bank. Again if you fail to get that, try to search for online power bank reviews for the particular brand and model number. about the portable charger. If nothing works then go for the normal USB adaptors that comes with the smart phone or tablet of yours.

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