New Anker Power House 120600 mAh Power Bank will Charge your Smartphone upto 40 Times!


Anker Power House 400 Wh- Biggest Portable Charger in the World



So far we have known Mi 10400 mAh power banks to be the best available portable power bank in terms of capacity, as well backed by a good branding, but with the new Anker power house 434 Wh battery life line, the latest launch from Anker, all the common standard measure to evaluate a portable charger by milli-Ampere-hour got demolished as this power demon comes with an equivalent power capacity of 120600 mAh letting your smartphone to be juiced up over 40 times!


Anker Power House Power Bank. Review



Even surprises are yet to come as this power house with its enormous capacity can charge up not only your tiny smart phone, but as well a tablet PC, laptop, emergency light lamp, LCD Tv and even a mini fridge with its 4 ultra-fast 2.4A USB out-put ports, one standard 12V car charger slot and one 110v normal AC charger option.

Huge Anker Power House Bank


This huge portable power bank also astonishes when it comes to charging itself up as with its 16.8V charger kit, this power house can be charged fully within a time frame of 10 hours. Not only that, soon in the future Anker has claimed to come up with a solar panel charging feature to this giant battery bank, making it enable to get powered up within 16 hours only using sunlight.


Anker Power House Portable Power Bank


Review of Anker Power House 400 Wh Huge


Anker Power House 400 Wh Review


Primarily Anker is known best for its pocket friendly small sized portable chargers coupled with sleek Li-poly battery cells, yet this massive power house is built with 36 number of identical high charge density 3300 mAh Li-ion cells, making it equivalent to 120600 mAh which can charge up one 6000 mAh tablet almost 19 times, a typical laptop 15 times, a standard 15 V light lamp 20 times and a mini fridge 7 times completely with its single full charge.


Anker Power House 400 Wh


Also in terms of portability, Anker claims this charger to be the most compact available in the market in its range by having a weight of 9.3 lbs and a dimension of 7.9 x 6.5 x 5.7 inches.

It is true that everyone will not be able to appreciate the usefulness of such a huge portable power bank, but for those who have to spend a good amount of time in remote places doing camping or trekking or dwells in a place which is frequently affected by power cuts, this power bomb is certainly a life saver especially when coming with a $100 discounted price tag of $499 at Amazon as a limited period offer.



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