ALLPOWERS™ 3nd Gen 3.5A Output Power Bank Charger

Allpowers 3nd Gen 15600mAh Power Bank Charger Review

Allpowers 3nd Gen 15600mAh Power Bank


Feeling frustrated whenever your smartphone runs out of battery? The worst problems occur when you are not even at home, so you practically lose access to all your connections. Luckily, this is not the end of the world. Instead, life can become way easier with ALLPOWERS 3nd Gen 3.5A Output external portable battery pack 15600mAh – an external power bank that supplies just enough power to keep you connected. Then, what should you expect from this gadget?


Allpowers 3nd Gen 15600mAh Power Bank - Powerbanky


Let’s First see what we got as the advantages and disadvantages for this solidly built 15600 mAh power bank from Allpowers, then we will proceed with its review in greater details.


  • Patented Fast Charging Technology

  • Double USB 3.5A output

  • Can recharge two devices simultaneously

  • Outstanding design to make more portable


  • Does not have a carrying pouch or case

Allpowers 3nd Gen Best 15600mAh Power Bank


The unit comes with a patented Fast Charging Technology. Basically, it provides the fastest possible current according to your smartphone specifications. There are no risks associated with it. Moreover, it works for all kinds of smartphones. It makes no difference if you got an Apple, Samsung, Nokia or BlackBerry smartphone. Other brands are also accepted.


Allpowers 3nd Gen 15600mAh Power Bank Portable Charger


Its construction is intuitive enough. It has two slots, so you can recharge two smartphones at the same time. It comes with a LED light. Its primary role is to indicate the battery status. You know precisely how quickly your battery charges, but you also know when to unplug the smartphone. Apart from smartphones, any other kind of USB charging gadget can fit in. You can recharge your digital camera or tablet as well. The USB 3.5A output is double – 5V / 1A and 5V / 2.4A.


Allpowers 3nd Gen 15600mAh Portable Power Bank


When it comes to the actual design, you are less likely to feel embarrassed with this gadget. The battery bank has a compact construction, so it will not embarrass you in a club or during an outdoor activity. It has a top-notch protection for your smartphone – short circuit, leakage, over voltage, over discharge and others. There is simply nothing to feel concerned about.

Finally, the power bank also comes with a manual of instructions for newbies, as well as the micro USB data cable for connectivity.


ALLPOWERS™ 3nd Gen 3.5A Output Power Bank Charger




In the end, ALLPOWERS 3nd Gen 3.5A 15600mAh power bank can seriously stand up in the crowd. It is an excellent addition to your kit, whether you go camping or you travel over long distances. Grab it whenever you go out too, especially if the battery is about to drain soon.





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