JAQ Power Bank from MyFc power bank charges with water

All New JAQ Portable Power Bank Charges itself up with Water!


JAQ Power Bank from MyFc

First of all, let me tell you that this particular portable power bank is still under the concept stage, better to say in the prototype phrase and thus still is waiting to get some real shape. But what you have heard is exactly what it is. Power bank manufacturer MyFC has come up with this brilliant piece of model named as JAQ in CES 2016 and is basically an eco-friendly portable charger and is made up with the environment friendly fuel cells and air perforations in order to make it powered up almost week long.


JAQ Power Bank from MyFc power bank charges with water 2


How water produces power?

That might be the exact question in your mind that how the water is used to generate electric power and more over that is stored within a tiny device like the portable charger. JAQ is proposed with the very unique and latest technology of proton exchange via membrane battery cells. If this is compared with the traditional and conventional Lithium ion or Lithium polymer battery cell technology, this one is much superior and efficient in terms of performance and specially from the environment’s perspective.


Water charging portable charger- JAQ Power Bank from MyFc

This power bank has a removable inner cell card which constitutes of the salt water. Basically the Hydrogen from the water molecule is used to produce the electricity. The Hydrogen emerging from the water molecule after standard electrolyte procedure, when the power card is in inserted state, makes an entering in the anode section of the fuel cell. Which again in reaction with the Oxygen produces the water and in addition to that, electricity is generated which is in turn stored inside the power bank.


Why it is preferable?


The most important feature of this prototyped model is that, this power bank does not make up with any of the conventional Lithium based battery cells and thus is much safer, being almost null possibility to explode. Next to that, in those many countries where carrying a power bank in flight is not allowed for its primarily being a lithium cell based battery, you can easily travel carrying this portable power bank without much issue.


What you need to know to use it?

JAQ though being a lot different from inside, is very much conventional in nature while it comes to the usage as like very much the other portable power banks backed with Li-ion and Li-poly cells. You are required to connect the power bank with your smartphone or tablet with a charging cable with the fuel card inserted and the charger would detect the device on its own and start charging smoothly.


JAQ Power Bank from MyFc power bank charges with water


Though the major drawback of this unique and best power bank is the capacity, which being only 1800 mAh may not be able to fully charge most of the common smart phones, but this is enough to charge up your iPhone almost about 50 to 70 percentage which might be good enough for a portable charger with such features while you are on the go.

JAQ power bank charging with only water from MyFc

Though as it was mentioned in the very beginning of the post that the portable power bank is not yet commercially launched officially, yet, the manufacturers did not foreclose everything, and they have provided an option to pre-order the portable charger at the Official MyFC website.



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