23 Ways to Save Battery Life of Your Smartphone (Infographics) 

We all often suffer from the insufficient amount of power rather in-built battery in our smartphones, and that is annoying nowadays, because with major technical advances, the tiny devices like a smartphone became as powerful as a computer in terms of features and functionality, but still being primarily a mobile phone, the important most feature of a smartphone is its being able to remain mobile. Again, the short battery life is making us face difficulties in maintaining that. But, the good news is that, even with the short battery capacity that comes in an in-built fashion, by adhering to some of the cool tricks, you can save a good amount of charge and can avoid using any of the best portable power banks, if you find using external battery packs not much good. So now, let’s have a look at the infographic to know more details about those 23 ways to save the battery life of your phone:



Credit: Himanshu Gupta

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