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About Powerbanky- The blogsite exclusively for and on powerbanksPowerbanky, as you can see is a simple blog site with tag line ‘ All about best power banks’. Which entails this blog portal is exclusively for and on power banks (rather best power banks)with the aim to serve the people by helping them with any issues with power bank or portable charger and sharing useful information about power banks. You may or may not have a power bank by this time. It is not mandatory that you must be possessing one but having said that, you can not deny that power bank is a useful gadget in today’s world where you are much dependent on your smartphone or tablet and its your honest confession that most of you suffer from a battery issue. So here I am not going to say why you need a portable charger and what are its utilities, rather, will just put it simply as a fact that power banks are useful. And besides being useful there are a lot of concerns you can hear here and there, Which power bank is best? How power banks work? Is XYZ battery pack brand reliable? What power bank should I go for? My portable charger is not working properly, what to do? How to buy power bank for my smartphone? Can I take my external battery in airplane? (well that matters :p)! What are the features that I should look for while buying a power bank? Are power banks universal in nature? Where from should I buy a power bank? Which portable battery to choose among model A and model B? and so on. The questions are numerous. Further, the answers are diverse and even contradictory as found on web. Hence, under this portal this is an initiative to provide you all the informations, buying guide, reviews, manuals, tutorials on mobile power banks keeping in mind the need of your getting the proper information while saving your valuable time. Thus the sole mission of this website would be fulfilled if the content of this site becomes helpful to you in your need.

Powerbanky- about powerbankyTo keep us improving, we would like to hear from you about what could be incorporated more or what else you wish to see here or which portions you disliked. Even we would insist if you have any doubt about any of the information mentioned in this blog. All you need to do is to just take the pain to go to our contact page and write us down with your precious feedback.