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The Ultimate Power Bank FAQ

Though there have been lot of reviews and discussions over the portable power banks are available in most of the online resources but here we are going to find some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about portable power banks addressing all the common issues related to the power bank.   How do I know which power bank is the best option for my power bank? There are primarily many aspects which may be determinant while you are going to buy the […]

Power bank Charging Cable - Portable Power bank FAQ

Lenovo PB 410 5000 mAh Power Bank - Best Power Bank

What is the mAh of the Power Bank?

  We often hear the question about the capacity of a power bank. The question goes along the confusing technical term of mAh. What does it mean? What does it stand for? How does it affect the actual capacity of a power bank? In this post, we are going to clarify all those points one after another. To begin with let me tell you that mAh of a power bank is the technical indicator of the retentive capacity of a […]

Which One is the Best: Lithium-ion or Lithium-Polymer Power Banks? [With Difference] 1

  As you have already came to know while coming across reviews of best power banks in India in the other post that there are basically two types of battery cells which general constitutes the power bank, namely the Lithium-ion and Lithium-Polymer. There has been great debate over which one is the better one, and in the relevant section of the great power bank buying guide post from Powerbanky, you are going to find some hint, but here, we are […]

Li-polymer and Li-ion Portable power bank among the best power banks